Cerebral Palsy Community, a guide your cerebral palsy kids get communications and support groups association also housing assistance into international cerebral palsy society

Cerebral Palsy Community Support Group

Cerebral Palsy Community Support Group

Cerebral Palsy Community Support Group - This website support for Cerebral Palsy kids (CP) and friends to learn and survive on physical disability with a guide in acommunity make a better communications altough incurable brain disorder but potentially will bring positive change to live and work towards social change with a lesson development program must support with parents and family.

Cerebral Palsy Community Support Group

As a normal absolutly shocked when got a cerebral palsy (CP), your baby has a physical disability, brain disorder that has different with others. Only your confidence to help yourself and your son into better. Understanding is the most appropriate attitude to be a good companion for the child. Give stimulation such as physiotherapy or occupational skills to increase abilty possessed. It's not an obstacle for children to school, hang out or do whatever he wants. But whatever to do with assistance is different from other children that need help.

Cerebral Palsy Community
Cerebral Palsy Community Support Group

Cerebral Palsy children or CP disabilities not equal to other children, but their challenges are heavier so they live a life with more weight anyway. They still need a love so, be patient, you may not understand what she said or because he needed more time to talk and move.

Understanding CP kids is the most appropriate attitude to be good friends of the child, and children will appreciate this friendship to improve skills, provide stimulation of motor such as physiotherapy or occupation. Sensory stimulation through eyes, ears and feel fit the age of the child. Let's make a cummunty to join with us on Facebook Cerebral Palsy Community.

Cerebral Palsy Therapy
Cerebral Palsy Community

Cerebral Palsy therapy with disabilities will not decline further in their brain function. For example that stiffen at the distance, will not experience disruption in her speech later in the day. But the impact of the CP on its feet could be getting worse. There are some children that bone misses. That's why the much-needed therapy.

Physical therapy, speech and occupation help develop skills to walk, sit, swallow and using his hands.
Treatment to help the muscles to be more relaxed on the children with spastic CP types.
Anyone had surgery in order for arms or legs more straight and supple. Injections is one of the alternative therapy to loosen the muscles. Given in injection, its nature is only temporary and the price is very expensive.

The usual medication given is neurosstimulan, multivitamins, drug muscle squence and anti seizure.
Tips using a dolphin therapy also great for CP kids. Sound waves generated dolphins stimulate healing by reducing fear and distress, improving study skills at the children in need special and release a sense. Next to get the best therapy you must learn type of cerebral palsy. So keep in touch with Cerebral Palsy Community online website here.

Cerebral Palsy Community Video

You can watch on Youtube for our Cerebral Palsy Community channel to watch more exercise, palying, community and much more.